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Frequently Asked Questions

These questions will focus on topics which have been frequently asked by our customers. We hope that these responses will aid you in making your sewing experience more enjoyable! 

Feel free to ask us for tips you may wish to have discussed on this page.

Q: Whether your company is a trading company or a manufacturer ? 


A: Henan Deman Packing Co.,Ltd ​as manufacturer located in Xinxiang ,Henan ,China , There's about 30years history since started production polyester thread from a family based running small business  And now grow into a large-scale production-oriented enterprises with about 800 employees . Unlike other trading company , Deman always offering products original from own factory and the guaranteed quality products .

Deman have the   full set of production lines  , If you would like to visit our factory, please make an appointment with this email:  

Q: What's the difference between sewing thread and bag closing thread  ?


A:  Different industries use , the polyester sewing thread we do production mainly suite for the dyeing factory's further production or thread company , garment Industry . The bag closing thread production from Deman use the same polyester staple fiber however use in the different industry - Package area . Sute for closing mostly heavy multi-wall paper bags, Raschel bag, woven polypropylene (BOPP) bags,filled with seed, large animal feed, charcoal, rice ,cement ,fruit and other goods.  Intuitively speaking, sewing thread is thiner , bag closing sewing thread is thickness . stronger .

Q: How can we choose the right bag sewing thread for our production process ? 


A:  This is a very practical question isn't it ? For consumables, all company operators want to have a suitable product that can improve efficiency and save money . We will be your guide . 

Ok , let me show you the sewing thread what we mianly production . Ne10/2 , Ne10/3 , Ne10/4 , Ne12/4 , Ne12/5 , Ne20/6 , Ne20/7 ,Ne20/8 , Ne20/2 ,Ne20/3 , Ne30/2 ,Ne40/2 ect.   Under normal conditions , the  finer the yarn, the smaller its strength , otherwise , more thickness and the stronger breaking force . If  you need sewing light weight of the bag ,choose the finer thread with longer length , if you have to sewing heavy duty bags for example cement ,rice , just choose the thickness thread in case of breaking . 

In addition, be sure to keep in mind that it is necessary to select the right needle for sewing thread and sewing machine . 

More information please contact us and get the advice . We are happy to answer all  your questions you wanna know . 

Q: Your bag closing thread suite for our bag closer machine  ? 


A:  The DEMAN bag sewing closing thread suitable for mostly brand bag sewing closing machine , what's brand of machine you are using ?  Let me know please , Fischbein ? Newlong ? Union-Special ? or like Yao-Han , JACK ..ect . Please just tell me the machine model you using , 

Fischbein Empress 100 , 101 (Tape) , 200 (HS) , 201 (HStape) , Model F
Union Special BC200 (UHS) , Union Special BC-e 200  80800 , 2200 ,3000, 4000, 5200
Newlong DS11 (=Doboy D95) , Newlong Ind. DS-9C (HS)  DS-9A, DS2(II) ,DS6AC , DS-7C , NP-7A, NP-3(II) ,NP-8, GK26-1A
Siruba AA6 


Do you have any experience of the thread breaking when sewing process when using high speed machine but not on normal speed machine , do not worry we take seriously lubrication food grade to avoid such problem . you wanna know more details  , just contact our before sales email :  , thanks ! 

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