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Premium Bag Sewing Thread DM10S3

Premium Bag Sewing Thread  DM10S3 is widely use for agriculture packing industrial . suite for closing lower than 30Kg bags ,with longer length than DM12s4 DM12s5 same like DM20s6

characteristic : 

Thread color aviliable : Raw white , red , green ,yellow , black ,blue ,orange . 

Weight of unit cone : 200g , 1kg , 2kg , 3kg , 4kg , 5kg ,8kg , 8oz , 4.5lbs , 20lbs . 

Package of unit cone : shrink film packed . 

Breaking force : 7.0Kg  

TEX : 180 dry thread


Sute for closing mostly heavy multi-wall paper bags, Raschel bag, woven polypropylene (BOPP) bags,filled with seed, large animal feed, charcoal, rice ,cement ,fruit and other goods. 

Offer : Dry thread , Oiled thread Silicone / Mineral  .

Suite for Fischbein ,Newlong , Yao-Han , Union-Special ..ect. machine 

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