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bag closing thread 20/6

Specifications: 100% polyester bag sewing threads Ne20/6

Weight:200g,1kg,2kg,3kg,5kg,8kg,8oz,4.5lb,20lbs etc.

Packages: 200g---90cones/carton, 100cones/carton 1kg---24cones/carton 2kg---12cones/carton 3kg,5kg---6cones/carton

Silicone treated under US FDA requirement , Shrink Film covered.

Strength reach about :7.0Kg . TEX :180 DRY THREAD

Bag Sewing Threads widely used in agricultural field for sewing,Closing open mouth bags , like Sugar bags , pp woven sacks.

Suite for high speed portable bag closer machine and heavy duty bag closer like NEWLONG,FISCHBEIN, UNION-SPECIAL.YAO-HAN, SIRUBA, JUKI ..ect.

Fischbein Empress 100 , 101 (Tape) , 200 (HS) , 201 (HStape) , Model F Union Special BC200 (UHS) , Union Special BC-e 200 80800 , 2200 ,3000, 4000, 5200 Newlong DS11 (=Doboy D95) , Newlong Ind. DS-9C (HS) DS-9A, DS2(II) ,DS6AC , DS-7C , NP-7A, NP-3(II) ,NP-8, GK26-1A Siruba AA6


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