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Our bag sewing threads specially customized for high-speed sewing machine use,like Newlong ,Fishcbein ,Unioon-Special , for packing industries feature high breaking strength and knotless and they are designed to ensure maximum machine-based production capability. Increase productivity with lower production costs . 

We can offer you all types Polyester Bag Sewing Closing Thread , Since we have a complete production chain: 

Polyester staple fiber purchase - Carding - roving - Spinning - Twisting - Winding - Packaging . 

That's the key point for DEMAN have ability to offer stable quality and with flexible production process .

It is worth noting that it is the whole production will following ISO9001:2008  quality management system  . 

ISO14001:2004  international environment ti system.

If you have any questions or require about bag sewing thread , please let we know , we will give you a professional guide with our 30years experience about thread , That's the wise suggests for packaging industry to use right products for your needs , Different type sewing thread suiteable for different weight package , The more thicker thread the shorter length , the finer thread with longer length . that's the very important for customer to save production costs .


Where the bag sewing thread use as food contact material , DEMAN thread was passed the tests by SGS under the requests from FDA requirements


Thickness ranges:
Ne10/3, 10/4, 10/5, 12/3, 12/4, 12/5 ,12/6, 20/6, 20/7, 20/8  .

Supplied on premium quality  precision-wound cones in the following sizes:
200g, 1kg,  2Kg,  3kg,  5kg,  8kg .

Package  as follows:
200g – 100 cones/carton,
1kg – 24 cones/carton, 

2Kg - 12 cones/carton,
3kg – 6 cones/carton,
5kg – 6 cones/carton, 
8kg – 4 cones/carton, 

We also offers DRY polyester bag sewing thread ,

Dry threads are used for paper bag closing and also for closing of raschel bags by hand machines or low speed packing lines.economic products as  package consumables . 

bag sewing thread icon .png

 industrial thread item 

premium bag sewing thread 

spun polyester yarn 

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